A Graphical Command Line for Visually Minded People

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The Unix shell is an immensely powerful and flexible means of controlling computers. It lets the user chain together simple commands to perform highly complex tasks. But it isn't appropriate for every user. Some people just aren't good at remembering command names and the syntaxes to make them cooperate.

The Visual Shell aims to at least partially remedy this problem by letting users browse through commands organised by category and place them in a diagram of what they want to happen.

Current Status

As of late April 2011 Visual Shell has reached one and-a-half of its goals. There is a simple interface to browse through and search for the a handful of commands already profiled and the user is presented with the options for the command in a window upon selecting one. The actual diagram facility doesn't exist yet however.


The Visual Shell is has a long way to go before it is ready for use but you can help it get there faster by downloading the latest copy from the right panel, try it out and leave some feedback on sourceforge. All comments are appreciated and helpfull.


My current plan is to keep tinkering at this project but keeping it marked as a pre-alpha until there is a sufficiant number of well skilled developers to plan out a better architecture and start development of alpha releases from scratch. See the developers page for further details.